Estimated Allergan Breast Implant Payouts

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Researcher: Ariana Arce​

Researcher: Ariana Arce​

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Estimated Allergan Breast Implant Payouts

Allergan Breast implants have been associated with an increased risk of cancer, resulting in numerous lawsuits against the company.

A doctor comparing types of breast implants to avoid a breast implant lawsuit payout.

Breast implants have been linked to anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This according to research conducted by the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration. This type of lymphoma is often found in the scar capsule surrounding the implant.

After recalling their defective products, some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with Allergan’s failure to cover the costs of removing the products from women who are concerned about the possibility of developing breast cancer.

Now, Allergan is facing lots of lawsuits across the country. If you need further assistance with your case, reach out to our free consultation service and we will clear up all your doubts.

Recall of Allergan Breast Implants

Allergan has initiated a recall of its textured breast implants following reports of anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated with their use in women.

The FDA requested Allergan to recall its textured breast implants and associated tissue expanders from the U.S. market on July 24, 2019, in order to guarantee patient safety.

The FDA requested a recall due to adverse event reports related to BIA-ALCL. The risk of BIA-ALCL with Allergan BIOCELL textured implants is approximately 6 times higher than with textured implants from other manufacturers in the US. Continued distribution of Allergan’s BIOCELL textured breast implants may cause serious health consequences and potentially death from BIA-ALCL.

What are the risks associated with defective Breast Implants?

The FDA has reported a correlation between Allergan breast implants and an increased risk of BIA-ALCL, a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Research indicates that Allergan’s Biocell textured implants have a higher risk of breast implant-associated cancer compared to other textured implants in the US. It is crucial for individuals with Biocell implants or tissue extenders to be attentive to potential symptoms.

Symptoms of BIA-ALCL:

  • Swelling of breast
  • Pain in breast
  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Lump in breast or armpit
  • Overlying skin rash
  • Hardening of breast
  • Fluid collection around the implant

Problems With Silicone Breast Implants

In the event of an implant rupture, the gel that is present in the silicone implants has the potential to fill the pocket and maintain its shape. Regular visits to the surgeon are important to test the condition of the implant. An ultrasound or MRI screening may be necessary. Women aged 22 or older can get silicone breast implants with FDA approval.

The FDA prohibited the utilization of silicone breast implants due to safety apprehensions and inadequate research. But in 2006, the ban was lifted with the condition that manufacturers conduct extensive studies.

The presence of cancerous cells has the potential to be life-threatening and may result in metastasis. The FDA has received 573 reports of BIA-ALCL associated with Allergan’s textured breast implants, which have resulted in 33 fatalities. Textured breast implants have been associated with an increased risk of fluid pockets and seromas, which may develop several years after the surgical procedure.

What steps to take if you have a recalled Allergan Breast Implant?

Consumers are advised to consult with their healthcare providers for further information and to explore options, including the potential for implant removal. It is also important for patients experiencing persistent pain or swelling near the implant site or noticing any changes in the implant’s texture or size, to schedule regular checkups for monitoring purposes.

To avoid severe consequences from BIA-ALCL cancer, it is crucial to seek medical treatment early. A doctor can conduct tests to diagnose cancer. If cancer is found, surgery to remove the cancerous tissue and implant is typically recommended. If the cancer is not detected and treated promptly, it can spread and become life-threatening.

Previous settlement awarded for Breast Implant Lawsuits

Allergan breast implant lawsuits are ongoing. However, they have paid millions of dollars in compensation to those negatively affected by its products. This includes $2.75 million in a lawsuit filed by three health benefit plans for preventing competition from a competitor.

Litigation surrounding breast implants has existed for a considerable duration. During the decades of 1980 and 1990, approximately 450,000 women who experienced injuries took part in class action lawsuits following the discovery of evidence linking tissue disease. The manufacturer of these implants, Dow Corning Corporation, filed for bankruptcy in 1995 after a $4 billion settlement due to substantial jury awards.

Criteria for an Allergan Breast Implant Settlement

Patients who received the recalled breast implants may wish to explore legal options against the manufacturer. The process may require filing a Allergan breast implant lawsuit for compensation of damages sustained, which could include:

  • Surgical costs related to removing or replacing the textured breast implants
  • Surgical costs related to removing cancerous tissue
  • Medical expenses related to the treatment of cancer, including diagnostic tests, reconstructive surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy
  • Lost wages and earning capacity due to the inability to work because of illness or treatment
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering and mental anguish

In cases where a recipient of the recalled implants passes away due to cancer related to the product, their family may have the option to file a wrongful death claim to receive compensation for financial losses, including funeral and burial costs and loss of financial support. In addition to seeking restitution for economic losses, individuals may seek compensation for non-monetary damages such as loss of companionship and consortium.If you require additional support with your case, please reach out to our free consultation service, and we will gladly assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.