Texas Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

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Texas Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

Roundup manufacturers, Monsanto and Bayer, are facing numerous lawsuits from individuals. The claims are based on the potential cancer-causing properties of the herbicide’s main chemical ingredient.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer after using Roundup, please contact our Texas Roundup lawyers team. We provide a no-risk, free consultation to discuss your compensation options. You can reach us by phone or using our website’s contact form.

Does Roundup cause cancer?

Research indicates the possible correlation between the use of Roundup and a higher risk of developing specific cancer types. If you have leukemia or nonHodgkin lymphoma, you can file a Texas Roundup lawsuit.

Many Texas gardeners may have been exposed to the Roundup cancer risk. Concerns have been raised that Monsanto may be held liable for failing to fully notify consumers about the potential risks associated with their product. The Texas Roundup lawsuits seek to assist families in obtaining compensation and prompt Monsanto to acknowledge the hazards of Roundup and assume accountability.

Texas Roundup cancer lawsuit statute of limitations

Individuals diagnosed with nonHodgkin lymphoma due to Roundup exposure in Texas must adhere to the Statute of Limitations of filing a lawsuit within two years of their diagnosis. Seeking guidance from a Roundup attorney is recommended to ensure prompt action.

Do I qualify for a Texas Roundup cancer lawsuit?

Information provided by Monsanto stating its safety indicated that agricultural workers in Texas have used Roundup over the years.

Using only Roundup to file a claim is insufficient. You must have experienced an injury. This injury includes a diagnosis of nonHodgkin lymphoma in the majority of Roundup cases. The cancer diagnosis and Roundup exposure need to be associated.

Your health information is important for your legal case. Individuals must come prepared to discuss their health, provide medical records, and discuss personal details.

Over time, a significant number of individuals have been diagnosed with nonHodgkin lymphoma due to prolonged Roundup use. Individuals who have been injured deserve financial compensation, and our experts in Roundup cancer lawsuits in Texas are available to assist in pursuing the settlement or jury verdict they are entitled to.

Where can I find the best lawyer in Texas for a Roundup cancer lawsuit?

Consulting with product liability attorneys promptly is important if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with nonHodgkin lymphoma after using Monsanto’s Roundup for an extended period.

At Legal Help Advisor, we are dedicated to assisting individuals who have been harmed by unsafe products in obtaining compensation for medical costs, lost income, and physical and emotional distress. We firmly believe that consumers should not be responsible for the financial consequences of a manufacturer’s negligence.

Take action against Monsanto for your cancer diagnosis and help remove Roundup from the market to protect future generations.

How many people in Texas are involved in the Roundup cancer lawsuit?

The number of individuals in Texas who took legal action by filing Roundup cancer lawsuits against Monsanto is increasing. This comes alongside awareness about the potential association between Roundup and cancer among gardeners and homeowners.

Some critics argue that the company has intentionally withheld information and deceived the public about the potential cancer risks of Roundup. Hence, global consumers are seeking to gain further knowledge about Texas Roundup lawsuits related to nonHodgkin lymphoma and leukemia.