Hurricane Damages

Lawsuit on Hurricane Ida Damages

After one of the strongest storms in history stroke Louisiana in 2021, people who were affected by it were denied the correspondent payment by insurance companies. Also, many who are recognized such rights are not receiving payments due to alleged delays. This is the reason why many are filing lawsuits on Hurricane Ida’s damages.

People who lost everything, including the roof over their heads, had to turn to law firms in search of attorneys who could file a lawsuit. The good news is that the law is at their side, and there are many chances that these lawsuits result in big payouts for the plaintiffs. Read on to learn more about this claim.

Why Should Insurance Companies Pay for Hurricane Ida Damages?

The main reason one person or family has to pay for insurance on their homes or other property is to be covered in case of a disaster. Insurance coverage is a contractual agreement that implies fulfillment of that contract in the event of a loss or disaster just like the one that occurred with Hurricane Ida.

People with insurance coverage were likely paying premiums for years, just to be sure that the company would indemnify them in the event of a loss. But this process confused many homeowners because certain insurance companies started to make excuses to avoid or delay paying them what is right.

Therefore, the thousands of dollars that homeowners paid to insurance companies to be covered after a terrible event like Hurricane Ida, stayed in the hands of those same companies. In consequence, many individuals decided to file lawsuits against those insurance companies.

Hurricane Ida, A Costly Disaster With Tragic Consequences

95 people died in this storm, and the overall damage caused by it in infrastructure and housing was estimated at $9 billion. Also, the total cost of the disaster in the U.S. is calculated at approximately $75 billion, making it the most expensive disaster of 2021 1 .

This Hurricane made landfall on Sunday 29th august 2021, with impressive 150mph (240km/h) winds. With such strength, this event was declared the fifth strongest hurricane to ever hit the US mainland.

One million Louisiana residents remained without power for weeks, and many more lost their homes, properties, and even their lives or the life of a loved one. This is why insurance payers expected those companies to pay them what is due, but that didn’t happen in many cases.

Lawsuit On Hurricane Ida Damages: The Deadline Is Soon

According to the statute of limitations in the State of Louisiana, you have two years from the day of the disaster, to file a lawsuit for property damage. This means that potential plaintiffs have until August 29th, 2023, to file a claim. Otherwise, they will
lose their chance to make a legal claim. Contact us if you want to talk to an experienced lawyer about this.
Home and business owners have therefore the right to file a lawsuit if they suffered damages to their property due to the flooding and extreme winds produced by the storm. To file a lawsuit on Hurricane Ida damages, there are many steps to follow:


  • Don’t wait
    As we said before, there are only two years to file a lawsuit, and most of that time is already gone. So, if you were paying an insurance policy on your home or business and suffered sustained damage from Hurricane Ida, you have the right to file a claim.

  • Look for proof of your relationship with the insurance company

    Any documents and communications between you and your insurer are key to this process. Don’t delete e-mails or voice messages, and keep all the documents you received in the mail if you still have them.
    Also, confirm the date on which you let your insurer know about your loss due to Hurricane Ida. This date is important to determine if the company is delaying or trying to dismiss your claim.

  • Keep a record of all the lost items and property with photographs and video
    All the footage you can take or keep is useful to reach a successful outcome, especially if you registered those losses right after the storm.

  • Make a list of lost items
    It is also essential to create a detailed list of your lost items to present once you file a claim. Don’t worry if the items seem too small or cheap to you, keep a record of all of them because, in these circumstances, everything counts.
    If possible, include the manufacturer’s or brand name, model, description, and serial number, as well as the year of purchase. A link to the same item from an online store is also useful for calculating how much it would cost to replace it.
    If you are having trouble remembering those items, you can check your purchases
    by contacting big retailers and asking for your purchasing history, as well as checking your banking statements.

  • Read your insurance policy thoroughly
    To understand your insurance legal contracts you must read them in detail, or give them to an experienced insurance attorney to explain them to you. Sometimes, a policy establishes that it covers certain items but not others, or there may be hurricane deductibles to consider.

  • Keep a record of your living expenses after the Hurricane Ida damages
    This includes transportation, medication, eating out, lodging, and repair costs associated with Hurricane Ida, which should be covered partially or totally by your policy. To do this, you must preserve the receipts and bills of these expenses, to be submitted to your insurer.

  • Contact an Attorney Today

    To present your claim in the best light possible, you may need the expertise of an attorney. Sometimes, legal contracts such as a homeowner’s policy may be difficult to understand for someone not accustomed to legal jargon and procedures.
    Also, a legal advisor will know exactly how and when to file your lawsuit, as well as tell you the evidence you need to gather. We can help you through this process.
    Contact us for a free consultation.

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