Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

What Injuries Lead to a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

People who filed lawsuits suffered hernia mesh complications so severe they needed at least one additional surgery to fix their problems. Some required more, and many others claim that their complications continued after revision surgery.

Complications Due to Hernia Mesh Removal Surgery?

Compensation Claims

Compensation claims in hernia mesh lawsuits include recovering past and future medical expenses and wage loss. Noneconomic damages include quality of life losses, business losses, and pain and suffering.

Compensation claims in hernia mesh lawsuits include economic losses, noneconomic losses, and punitive damages.

Economic damages in an average hernia mesh settlement include:

  • Medical expenses—past, future, and ongoing
  • Hospital expenses—past and future
  • Lost wages—past and future
  • Home care expenses—past, future, and ongoing


Punitive damages

In cases where the jury finds a defendant’s behavior particularly negligent or harmful, they may award punitive damages in addition to compensation for economic and noneconomic losses. Punitive damages punish the defendant and discourage the behavior from happening again.

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