Enfamil Baby Formula NEC Lawsuit

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Enfamil Baby Formula NEC Lawsuit

The Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuit is based on the fact that preterm infants were fed with any of Enfamil-branded formulas and later developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a severe gastrointestinal illness that affects the intestinal tissue and currently does not have a cure.

All the families whose premature baby was harmed with Enfamil baby formula can file a claim. In this case, the company responsible is Mead Johnson Nutrition. With a share of approximately 40% in the US formula market, it is part of the Baby Formula Multidistrict Litigation that involves another big baby formula product maker, Abbott.

If this has been the case for your family and your baby developed NEC, you can act immediately. Contact Legal Help Advisor and we will be sure that your Enfamil baby formula case is properly evaluated by our legal advisors.

Is There a Link between Enfamil and NEC in Premature Infants?

Enfamil produces preterm infant formula made from cow’s milk, a commonly used alternative to human breast milk for newborn babies.

Research conducted in 1990 indicates that NEC more commonly develops in preemies who were given formula compared to breastfed preemies, as stated in Enfamil lawsuits.

Why are Families Filing Enfamil Lawsuits?

Mead Johnson is facing lawsuits for allegedly knowing about the higher risk of NEC in preterm infants who drank cow’s milk infant formula products, like Enfamil.

The plaintiffs seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of quality of life, funeral costs for infants who died from NEC complications, and other damages.

2023 Updates on the Enfamil NEC Lawsuit

There are currently about 205 ongoing Enfamil lawsuits in the federal court against baby formula manufacturers as part of MDL 3026. Up to this point, there have been no settlements or bellwether test trials.

Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer oversees cases related to the potential connection between Enfamil and NEC in premature infants. Litigation is still at early stages.

This MDL has experienced a modest increase in size since January, with <10 new cases per month on average. Moreover, there are a great number of unresolved cases against Mead Johnson Nutrition Company and other baby formula manufacturers in state courts.

Has Enfamil Been Recalled?

In February 2023, two large batches of Enfamil formula were recalled as a cautionary measure to address potential bacterial contamination.

The contaminated batches were produced in August and September 2022. Cronobacter sakazakii, a bacterium that can cause serious illness in premature infants, was the main cause of contamination.

Although this baby formula recall did not involve the link between this product and NEC, Mead Johnson has not changed the Enfamil ingredients, marketing, or warning labels. This leaves an open door for a possible Enfamil NEC recall in the future.

Products Involved in the Enfamil NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit

The list of products included in the Enfamil infant formula lawsuit is long, but they all are cow-milk-based formulas.

Here, you can find some of the Enfamil formula products involved in the litigation:

  • Enfamil™ 24 Calorie Formula
  • Enfamil™ DHA-In-Sol
  • Enfamil™ Enfagrow® Toddler and Enfagrow Premium™ Toddler
  • Enfamil™ Enspire™
  • Enfamil™ Human Milk Fortifier Acidified Liquid
  • Enfamil™ Human Milk Fortifier Powder (HCPM)
  • Enfamil™ Liquid Human Milk Fortifier
  • Enfamil™ NeuroPro™ EnfaCare® Premature Baby Formula
  • Enfamil™ NeuroPro™ Gentlease®
  • Enfamil™ Nutramigen®
  • Enfamil™ Premature
  • Enfamil™ Premature Infant

As previously mentioned, there are currently no recalls for these Enfamil products. However, a possible recall could be issued later.

If your child has any NEC symptoms and you are using any of the listed products, your best course of action is to seek insights from a medical professional.

How to File an Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuit

To file an Enfamil toxic baby formula lawsuit, certain requirements must be met. The most common documentation you will need to have before taking a legal action may be the following:

  • Born prematurely or with a low birth weight
  • Diagnosed with NEC 
  • Fed cow-milk-based formula or milk fortifier made by Enfamil

A lawyer specialized in product liability lawsuits is the best course of action to see if you are eligible to file an Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuit.

Gathering Evidence for Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuits

If you are thinking about initiating legal action against Mead Johnson, the manufacturer of Enfamil, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the types of evidence that may be required to support your case.

In general, the following types of evidence may be useful in a baby formula lawsuit:

  • Medical records
  • Expert testimony
  • Product testing results
  • Customer complaints

The evidence required for an Enfamil cow milk formula lawsuit will vary based on the specifics of your case and legal claims being asserted.

What Is the Settlement Amount for an Enfamil Baby Formula Lawsuit?

The Enfamil NEC litigation is in its early stages, and no Enfamil NEC lawsuit against Mead Johnson has reached a trial or settlement. Therefore, the exact value of these lawsuits in terms of a verdict or settlement cannot be determined.

The estimated average settlement compensation in an Enfamil infant formula lawsuit can go up to $600,000, with certain claims potentially being awarded a lot more money. Nevertheless, this settlement prediction may not be sufficient when considering that the treatment for a serious medical condition like NEC can damage the economy of an entire family.

This is a settlement estimate and does not predict the trial value. The trial value of an NEC claim can be significantly higher.

Thus, talking with a baby formula lawyer who specializes in Enfamil cases is recommended before taking a legal action. Our team of advisors can help you with this step free or charge. Contact us through our forms, telephone, or social media accounts. We are eager to hear your case.